Ann’s Favorite Recipes During Treatment

These recipes got CFYL Founder Ann Ogden Gaffney through treatment. They covered the bases through her sick days (bland), the exhausted days (sweets and soups), and even the feisty, good days (spicy and pretty...

Almond Pound Cake Recipe Image

Almond Pound Cake

30 min prep
French Toast Recipe Image

French Toast

20 min prep
Ginger Tea Recipe Image

Ginger Tea

15 min prep
Mint Water Recipe Image

Mint Water

20 min prep
Plum Applesauce Recipe Image

Plum Applesauce

20 min prep
Roasted Fennel Recipe Image

Roasted Fennel

20 min prep
Simple Fennel Tea Recipe Image

Simple Fennel Tea

15 min prep
Watermelon Salad Recipe Image

Watermelon Salad

20 min prep

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