Icy Sensations

If the summer heat has worn you down, these refreshing icy sensations are just for you. From cooling treats like granitas and creamy homemade yogurt gelato, to chilled smoothies, these sweets are delicious, healthier...

Watermelon Granita Recipe Image

Watermelon Granita

15 min prep
Chocolate Granita Recipe Image

Chocolate Granita

15 min prep
Coconut Granita Recipe Image

Coconut Granita

15 min prep
Coffee Granita Recipe Image

Coffee Granita

15 min prep
Grape Slushie Recipe Image

Grape Slushie

15 min prep
Green Tea Granita Recipe Image

Green Tea Granita

15 min prep
Berry Granita Recipe Image

Berry Granita

15 min prep
Apple Pie Smoothie Recipe Image

Apple Pie Smoothie

15 min prep

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