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Vegan Cookout! Delicious Vegan BBQ Plates

Across America, people are planning cookouts and picnics, and firing up a grill to usher in summer. Although you may thinking about charred meats on the grill, there are so many delicious vegan options...

Roasted Asparagus Recipe Image

Roasted Asparagus

15 min prep
Beet Tabbouleh Recipe Image

Beet Tabbouleh

20 min prep
Black Bean Burgers Recipe Image

Black Bean Burgers

15 min prep
Roasted Fennel Recipe Image

Roasted Fennel

20 min prep
Miso Tofu Sandwich Recipe Image

Miso Tofu Sandwich

30 min prep
Mushroom Burger Recipe Image

Mushroom Burger

15 min prep

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