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Staying Healthy During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You’ve watched the news and heard the reports. We’re going to be dealing with the COVID-19 global pandemic for a while, so it’s time to get smart, be safe and practice self-care.




Sweet Potato & Kale Farinata

Farinatas are Italian flatbreads that are usually made with garbanzo flour. This thicker version makes for a healthy lunchtime snack. It’s basically an eggless vegan frittata that is just as quick and easy to make as its eggy cousin. Packed with cancer-protective veggies, this sweet potato & kale farinata is a savory treat and not only is it delicious, but also gluten free. If you can find toasted chickpea/garbanzo flour, it will give the farinata even more flavor. Cut into wedges and serve with either a crunchy salad sprinkled with some toasted sunflower seeds or nuts, or just eat it on its own.


In July 2019 Cook for Your Life became part of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch) to expand programs promoting cancer prevention and cancer survivorship through healthy lifestyles and eating. In continued partnership with Founder and Healthy Cooking Advocate, Ann Ogden Gaffney, our mission is to turn science-based nutrition guidelines and recommendations for cancer risk reduction into easy, tasty recipes. These recipes, along with helpful cooking tips and instructions, are intended to help both patients and their caregivers live healthfully throughout cancer treatment and beyond.

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