In Treatment

Healthy Snacks and Treats

We’ve rounded up our best cancer-busting bites for grazing all day. Some of our healthy snack ideas are sweet, others satisfy chocolate cravings, while the rest are simply savory, but all have less salt...

Oat Bars Recipe Image

Oat Bars

15 min prep
Applesauce Recipe Image


15 min prep
Thumbprint Cookies Recipe Image

Thumbprint Cookies

20 min prep
Cheesy Kale Chips Recipe Image

Cheesy Kale Chips

15 min prep
Ants on a Log Recipe Image

Ants on a Log

15 min prep
Banana Biscuits Recipe Image

Banana Biscuits

15 min prep
Spiced Nuts Recipe Image

Spiced Nuts

15 min prep

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